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2p Hetalia x reader
A dark room, a [c/h] girl was frozen in a tube and the scientists study her. ''Doctor you need to read this,'' one of the scientists told a man.

''Dear [man you hate], we will come and get our poppet, if you tried and stop us, we will take her by force - by no name''.

''Doctor what are we going to do,'' the lady asked. ''Protect project 101 any cost,'' he said.

with someone else
''Hey Oliver are you sure she's in there,'' a brunette man asked. ''Yes Jason and don't swear,'' a strawberry blond man said and scold. ''So if they don't give us the raggaza we kill them,'' a Italian man asked.

''Yes,'' the man with the bow tie said. ''Well I in, if they know where raggaza is we keep on alive if they don't we kill them or they won't tell, we forced them to tell us,'' the Italian man said.

Time skip
There were guards around inside and outside. Then a smoke bomb came inside and everyone was coughing. ''I told you about the warning but you wouldn't listen to me,'' the same man said and laugh insane.

Then the lights went out and everyone got killed by the same people. Then nine people walk into the lab and saw the doctor. ''You can't just take her away, we need her,'' he said. ''Well doc you took our doll away and how about we teach you a lesson,'' the brown hair man with a lose tooth
asked and got his nailed bat out.

''Jason we need him alive,'' Oliver said. ''I agree with Oliver even if he a son of a b... who need to die, he knows where [name] is,'' the blond hair man with dark sunglasses and a hockey stick said. ''Hey no swearing and thank you Mat,'' Oliver said.

Then the Russian man and the German man tied him up. ''I will not tell you where she is,'' the doctor said. ''Let me handle this,'' the Italian man said and kneel down to him.

''My name is Luciano Vargas and most people are afraid of me and they tried not to make me piss but you sir make me piss and you wish you haven't done that,'' Luciano said and put his knife on the doctor's cheek. ''Please don't hurt me,'' the doctor said. ''Hurt you I really want to kill you right now,'' Luciano hissed. ''Luciano, just make him tell us where she is,'' the German said. ''Fine Lutz, so where is my bella bastardo,'' Luciano asked. ''I'll never talk,'' he said.

''Well you better tell us or this woman will die,'' the Japanese man said and was holding a woman and a katana on her neck. ''Joy, please don't hurt her, I'll tell you, she's frozen in the other room,'' the doctor said. ''That's what we needed to hear,'' Lutz said and nodded to the Japanese man and he slice the woman's neck and she died. ''NO,'' The doctor yelled and was crying. ''Now can I kill this bastard,'' Luciano asked. ''Yes,'' the other said. Luciano stabbed the man's chest and he fell to the ground bleeding.

They went to the other room and saw the girl. ''My poor poppet,' Oliver cried. Lutz pushed a button and the tube opened and [name] fell out of it. Oliver caught her. ''Let's go boys before the police get here,'' Al said. Oliver bridal style carried [name] and they were out.

They had have their princess back and no one will take them away. The building then exploded but they escape.
I don't own 2p Hetalia or you
Please commit this!
Well here the story, You lived with 2p and your all were happy and you were shy and then [man you hate] kidnapped you and take you to the lab and froze you in the tube, when the guys heard it they were pissed so few weeks later they found the lab and then they saved you.
radkraken Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Artist
Um. Ohmigod. What happens next??? the feels 
2360cupcake Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
please carry on with this. It's a really good plot and I want to know what happens next!
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