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France x maid reader
''Oi [name] come here,'' Francis a.k.a France said. A [c/h] girl came with [c/e]. ''Oui [yes] monsieur [mister],'' [Name] said. Francis smiled and put one of her [c/h] pack to her ear.

''Please call me Francis Mademoiselle [ma'am],'' Francis said and kissed her hand. [Name] blushed and pulled away.

''Non I know what you do Monsieur to all the Mademoiselle, even if your are my boss, I rather kiss a dead snake that date you,'' [name] said.

France chuckled. ''Oh trust me, [name] I won't hurt you, I made a promise,'' he said. [Name] sigh. ''Do you need anything else monsieur Francis,'' [name] asked. 

''Let's have coffee together non, and I promise you [name] I won't hurt you,'' Francis said and kiss her hand and handed her a rose. ''You now may excuse and remember our coffee date,'' Francis said and wink at her.

[Name] laugh and Francis sat down on the chair and chuckled. ''I will have you mademoiselle [name],'' Francis said and laugh is famous laugh.

Time skip 
[Name] got ready for the date and saw Francis. He came up and kiss her hand and smiled. ''You look like a belle [beautiful] [name],'' he said. [Name] blushed. ''Thank you,'' she said. ''Shall we go in,'' Francis asked. [Name] nodded.

When they went in. They took a seat. ''So [name], I must ask, tell me about yourself,'' Francis asked.

''Well...I live alone in my own apartment, and my mother died by cancer and my father is in jail,'' [name] said. Francis eyes widen. ''Oi I'm so so sorry to ask that,'' Francis said and look sad. 

[Name] touch his hand. ''Hey it's okay, I don't mind it,'' [name] said and smiled. Francis blushed.

''Bonjour what shall I get you two,'' A waitress asked. ''The most best coffee you got,'' Francis said and wink at me. The waitress lean close. ''fossé de la vache et sortons ensemble [ ditch the cow and let go out together],'' she whispered. Tears went on [name] cheeks as she stood up. 

Francis push her back down and told the waitress. ''I'm sorry Mademoiselle but I do not like it when you call my belle girlfriend that, you must leave,'' Francis. The waitress gasp and walk away cursing.

[Name] look at him. ''Whoa Francis, I didn't expect you to not flirt with her,'' She said. ''Oui I know but what she said was very rude to you, and I mean of calling you belle and would you be my girlfriend,'' Francis asked. 

[Name] smiled and stood up to hugged him. ''Oui I would like that very much,'' she said. Francis then pulled her closer and kissed her. She kissed back till she felt his hand going down. 

''Francis...eek,'' she said and jump a little as he slap her ass. ''Ohohoh sorry amour couldn't help my self,'' he said. [Name] smirk and push him. ''Your paying then,'' [name] said. ''Oui I agree then let's head to your place non,'' Francis asked. [Name] nodded.
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youkn-owit Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015
I like it offense your grammar sort of ruined it.
MauMuto27 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Cuuuuuuuuutttttttteeeee! And France! you little perv!
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