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Pirate Spain x mermaid reader
you P.o.v
It was a beautiful day in the ocean. ''[Name] your not thinking of going back to the surface are you,'' my best friend Lilly asked. ''Yeah why,'' I asked.

She roll her eyes. ''Don't you remember pirates live up  there,'' She asked. ''What if they're nice,''I asked. She laugh. ''Sure [name],'' Lilly said.

I swam up to the surface and sing a song.
??? p.o.v
I was walking around the sand for my crews were need some rest for the bastard England had beaten me. I stop till I heard the most beautiful sound in my life.

I ran to find the voice till I saw a hermosa chica [beautiful girl] mermaid. With her [f/c] tail splashing.

The chica stop singing and saw me. She gasp and went in the water. ''Wait chica I won't hurt you,'' I said. She came back on the surface. ''But your a pirate and pirate kill my kind,'' she said.

I sat down on the sand.  ''No I won't kill you chica, why should I kill a hermosa chica like you,'' I asked. She blushed.

Your P.o.v
I blushed as he call me that. ''My name is [name] and I don't have a lastname,'' I said. ''Well chica my name is  Captain Antonio Fernandez Carriedo but you can call me Toni if you want chica,'' Antonio said and smiled.

I swim closer to him. ''My, your eyes are beautiful chica,'' He said and smiled. I blushed. ''Thank you, no one ever told me that before,'' I said. ''They should, I need to go now [name] but would I see you again,'' Toni asked. ''Yes tomorrow here,'' I said and smiled. ''See you chica,'' he said. ''See you tomorrow Captain Antonio,'' I said and smiled.

Time Skip
Few weeks I have met Antonio and I have realize I'm in love with him. I was smiling as I can't wait to meet him again.

I swim up and saw him but he look so sad. ''Toni what's wrong,'' I asked. ''I need to leave chica,'' he said. ''What,'' I asked. ''My crews all better and they're ready to set sail,'' he said.

Tears went on my cheeks. ''Don't go,'' I said and hugged him. ''[Name],'' he said. ''I'm sorry Toni but...I'm in love with you,'' I said. He smiled and put my chin up. ''Guess what chica,'' he said. ''What,'' I asked. ''Te amour,'' he said and kissed me.

Then a bright light came. ''[Name],'' Antonio asked and blink. I looked down and gasp. I had human legs. ''Toni look I have legs,'' I said. He grinned and pick me up and spin me around. ''That's great chica now you can live with me and we can be happy,'' he said. I kissed him. ''Let's go chica,'' he said and grabbed my hand and we beginned to walk to his ship.
I don't own you or Hetalia
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NatureTune Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student General Artist
CUTE! :squee: But i thought in spanish Toni should say "Te AMO". :O_o: *consults with the translator*
sistersofiggy Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Awww, that was so sweet~ Giggle Love 
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July 18, 2014
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