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Spain x big sister reader x Chibi brother Romano
''Mia bella sorella [my beautiful sister] is coming-a to-a visit-a me,'' Chibi Romano said and was smiling. ''Oh Romano tell me again who's your big sister,'' Spain asked.

''She will never-a date-a you-a jerk-a Spain,'' Chibi Romano said and glare at him. ''Si I know that, I just wondering,'' Spain said.

''She-a have-a [c/h] hair and-a [c/e] eyes-a too,'' Chibi Romano said.

''Jeez Romano I never seen you this happy since the time I brought you a giant tomato,'' Spain said.

Chibi Romano then saw someone. ''There-a she-a is, there-a mia sorella,'' Romano cried out happiness and begin to ran away. ''Romano wait,'' Spain said and chase after him.

Chibi Romano hugged the mystery girl's leg. ''
sorella, mi manchi così tanto [big sister, I miss you so much],'' Romano cried.

''Romano, sorry about that senorita,'' Spain said and pick up Romano. ''Let-a me-a go, you tomato-a bastard-a,'' Chibi Romano yelled as he tried to get out of Spain's grip.

''Romano?'' the girl asked. ''Si si si is sorella it's-a me,'' Romano said. ''Are you Romano's big sister chica,'' Spain asked. [C/h] girl nodded. ''My name is [country name] and I'm-a guessing your Spain,'' She said and smiled.

''Si,'' Spain said and blushed. ''Romano's right, his sorella is so 
hermosa [beautiful],'' Spain thought.

He let Chibi Romano down and Chibi Romano hugged [country name]'s leg. ''I-a miss-a so much-a sorella,'' Chibi Romano cried. [Country name] pick him up.

''I-a miss-a you-a too Romano,'' she said and smiled. ''Let's all go inside and I'll made us some lunch,'' Spain said and smiled. [Country name] blush and smiled.

Time skip
After lunch, Chibi Romano fell asleep in [country name]'s lap. She pick him up and Spain showed her where his room is.

[Country name] put Chibi Romano down and went outside.

''Grazie  [thank you] again-a for-a take-a care of my-a little-a fratello-a Spain,'' [Country name] said and smiled. '' Su bienvenida [your welcome] chica,'' Spain said and smiled. 

Spain and [country name] look at each other and Spain lean close and kissed [country name]. She kissed back. He pulled her waist closer to him and she put her arms around his neck. 

When they both pulled away smiling at each other. ''Romano is-a overprotective fratello... well-a I can't-a blame him...every since-a Grandpa Rome disappeared he made a vow of protect his family-a.'' [Country name] said. Spain nodded. ''Si Romano is a sweet kid but has a bad mouth,'' Spain said.

[Country name] giggled. ''Si he does, but-a  I love-a him and Italy too, that's why I went to see Romano-a first then Italy,'' she said. ''So your going to see Italy next,'' Spain asked. She nodded. 
Time skip again
''Sorella you be-a careful-a over there-a...don't-a let that-a french-a bastard hurt you,'' Chibi Romano said. [Country name] smiled and kissed his forehead. ''Si I will Romano, and Spain thank you for taking-a care-a of my-a fratello,'' [country name] said and kissed his cheeks. ''Adios amigos and Romano-a you be good-a with Spain okay,'' She said and was gone.

''You tomato bastard, you better-a wash your cheek-a because I want it off-a of you,'' Chibi Romano said. ''Si I will Romano,'' Spain said and smiled. ''At least he doesn't know I kiss his sister,'' Spain thought and chuckled.
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Lolitagirl671 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: hugs Romano- a www the little brother I always wanted!
QobecWilliams Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Why didn't I take mai baby fratello?
EbonyVirus Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Romano is Italy too. :( He is Southern Italy...
Fandomhopper666 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
When Romano is older "YOU SPANISH BASTARD HOW DARE YOU KISS (C/N) DIE" lol couldn't resit   
Hetalialover101anime Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Student Writer
LOL, it's alright hey maybe i should make an sequel 
Fandomhopper666 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
HUH YES PLS THAT WOULD BE AMAZE BALLS :D but only if you want to tho
elephantgirl202 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
If Romano found out that Spain kissed Reader-chan he would hit Spain with a baseball bat.
AmIAHeroYet Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student
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