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child Romano x mama reader x child Italy
I was running with my two children with me. Mama Ve where are we going,'' my youngest one asked. I know both of them were countries but my husband wanted to hurt them and then beat me like crap. Far away from your papa,'' I said.

Did that bastard hurt mama again,'' my oldest son asked and sounded angry. Romano how...did you know about that,'' I asked. I...saw mama beaten up by that bastard,'' He said and started to cried. That's why...I'm going to take you to my friend Spain's house for a little while,'' I said and smiled. Mama you can't leave us with the bastard and Mama you'll get hurt,'' Romano said and started to cried.

I kissed his forehead as we reach his house. I knock on the door. Hola,'' Spain said and open the door. Spain...please watch my kids...their countries too,'' I said and hand them to him. Chica what's wrong,'' Spain asked and look at me.  I...need to be away for a while,'' I lied and saw my children crying. NO MAMA DON'T LEAVE US,'' Italy yelled and cried as I walk away. But Spain pick them up and stare at me with worry eyes. Don't worry chica I'll wait for you,'' he yelled and tears went on his cheek. IDIOT MAMA GET BACK HERE,'' Romano yelled and tears went on his cheek. I was too crying and ran away. MAMA,'' I heard my kids yelled as I ran.

I went back to my home and then [man you hate] started to beat me up like crap. WHERE ARE THEY [NAME],'' HE YELLED. You will never hurt them [man you hate],'' I yelled. He beat me up again. Then everything went dark.

I woke up and saw my body bleeding then saw Spain tackling my husband. DON'T YOU DARE HURT [NAME] EVER AGAIN,'' He yelled. I now saw my two children crying on my body. Romano now saw me awake. MAMA,'' He yelled and hugged me so did Italy. We...thought you...were dead,'' he said and cried on me. I smiled and hugged them. Remember my boys I will always be with you,'' I whispered.

They got a confusing look. Spain stop,'' I yelled. He did and look at me. I'm sorry but I must go with [man you hate],'' I said. [Man you hate]] smirk and he grabbed my arm tight. YOU TAKE THOSE BRATS FROM US I F...ING DON'T CARE ANYMORE,'' He yelled and pushed me to the car. Mama,'' Romano yelled and ran to me but the car drove. Italy was already crying and so was Spain. Romano was now stopped running and started to cried. Be brave my boys,'' I yelled and cried as we disappeared.

It is now years since I left my boys. [Man you hate] had been arrest for the police found out he been beating me up and almost killing me.

I now was a free woman. I went back to Italy and was walking till I heard someone. Ve let's make pasta,'' a man with a curl said to four other man. I tried to past them till someone grabbed my arm. I gasp and turned and saw two eyes starring at me. that you,'' Spain asked. Spain,'' I asked. He nodded. I hugged him and then we fell to the floor hugging.

I...thought your husband killed you,'' Spain said and I heard him crying. No [man you hate] final arrested for beating me up and I'm a free woman,'' I said and smiled. He smiled too then kissed me. My eyes went open. I have feelings for you chica,'' he said. I smiled. Me too,'' I said.

Mama,'' I heard someone asked. I turn and saw the man with a curl starring. I know that that my baby Italy,'' I asked. He started to cried and ran to me hugging me. Mama we were worry that daddy kill you,'' he cried on my chest. I did it so you weren't going to get hurt my son,'' I said and kissed his forehead. Mama,'' Romano said and hugged me. I promise when I was little to kill that bastard for hurting you,'' he mumbled as he was on my chest too. I hugged both of my boys. Crying in happiest.

Few years later I married Spain and had my sons back to me now things will be great forever! The end
I don't own you, the picture, hetalia only the story
please commit this
silvaze24 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is a good history, Great Work :)
Hetalialover101anime Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Writer
Um...what's do you mean a history?
Hetalialover101anime Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Writer
nevermind don't listen to me and thank you
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